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Masters of the Universe

As Kevin Corrigan in "Masters of the Universe," Robbie would team with Dolph Lundgren (He-Man) and Courteney Cox (Julie, Kevin's girlfriend) in order to save the universe from the likes of Frank Langella (Skeletor) and EvilLyn (Meg Foster, who does a lovely star turn as the villainess.) The film would provide Robbie with invaluable experience for his future role on Voyager: first, he learned to "use his imagination" in working with yet-to-be-added special effects, and second, he and Anthony DeLongis (Blade) would lay the foundation for their special relationship on Voyager as Paris and Cullah, the Kazon Maje.

Screen Captures
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Publicity Images

RDM with Anthony DeLongis
Robbie (right) with Anthony DeLongis (center) and a friend.
photo © Anthony DeLongis





Director Gary Goddard, Courteney Cox, and Robbie.

Robbie with Billy Barty (Gwildor)



photos © by The Cannon Group, Edward R. Pressman Corp., and Golan-Globus.

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