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For anyone interested in discussing the work and career of Mr. McNeill, there's now a new LiveJournal community for anyone who wants to talk about Robbie, his current career, and other associated topics like Star Trek, Star Trek:Voyager, Tom Paris, fandom, and conventions. You can join the community by clicking on the invitation below:

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Robbie wants his fans to know that as much as he truly appreciates the amount of fan mail that comes his way, it has come to a point that, due to the demands of his work and family schedules, responding to this mail has become too overwhelming for him to manage at all. Robbie is thus unable to continue to respond to fan mail personally or to autograph items by mail. He hopes that the fans will understand his reasons for this situation.

Robbie, of course, continues to be happy to sign items for fans at conventions and public events. Fans wishing to send him correspondence should continue to use the Paramount address:

Robert Duncan McNeill
Star Trek: Voyager
Paramount Pictures, Inc.
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038

Fans may also use Robbie's fan mail email address to send him brief notes:
Please note that, as with paper correspondence, Robbie is unable to respond personally to every fan email.

Robbie asks his fans not to send mail to his home, due to his concern for the safety of his wife and children, as well as his regard for his private life. Fan mail received at his home is unwelcome and will either be disposed of unopened or turned over to the legal department at Paramount Pictures. In addition, Robbie regards the publication of his home address in print or on the Internet as a serious matter, and asks his fans to refrain from any activities that would make that information public.

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