Robert Duncan McNeill (also known as RDM and Robbie) sanctioned RanDoM Flight as his official fan club in 1995. With the end of the first-run broadcast of Star Trek: Voyager, Mr. McNeill and club staff decided to bring the club's active life to a close, and the club ceased formal operations on December 31, 2001.

Both the website and the mailing list that began with RanDoM Flight are continuing into the indefinite future, and any fan of Robert Duncan McNeill is invited to join the the mailing list and to continue to use the resources provided by the website,

RanDoM Flight not only served as a forum for the fans of RDM, but also became the means for fans to return to the community. Over the six-plus year existence of RanDoM Flight, the club and its members, with the support of Robert Duncan McNeill, raised over $52,000 for charity by holding auctions and sponsoring two charity brunch cruises that provided the fans of Star Trek: Voyager with a rare opportunity to meet the cast of the show in relaxed and intimate surroundings.

For those who are interested, the final publication from RanDoM Flight, RanDoM Zine 3: The Last Time I Saw Paris, edited by Brenda Shaffer-Shiring, is now available through Unicorn Press. In addition, a limited number of the other print publications put out by RanDoM Flight , including its newsletters and fiction zines, are available to the public. For further information on purchasing these items, or for further information about RanDoM Flight, please send email to the webmaster at

RanDoM Flight Staff

Brenda Antrim, Founder
Pam Buickel, club coordinator
Jen Pelland, newsletter editor
Sue Love, club coordinator
Marianna Genakos,
co-coordinator and newsletter editor
Deb Stone,
co-coordinator and webmaster

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