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Welcome to the online store for! We've now partnered with to provide you with the best possible customer service, and to allow you to make your purchases with credit cards via PayPal. You can browse our eBay Store directly or use the item links below to purchase an individual item. You can also follow the links to bid in one of our auctions for a special autograph or collectible.

We've also partnered with, so that you can also order books, movies and other items from through An added benefit is that a portion of all your purchases from benefit Robert Duncan McNeill's designated charities.

Please click on the link for each item to view the item's details.

 Autographed Photos, Collectibles and More


Going to Extremes
Autographed Photo
Special Offer

Captain Proton
Autographed Photo
Special Offer


Auto'd Season 3 Tom Paris Photo

Auto'd Season 1 Tom Paris Photo

Auto'd Agency Photo 1

Auto'd Agency Photo 2

Auto'd Agency Photo 3

Auto'd Agency Photo 4

Auto'd Photo - Paris as Klingon
 Charity Auctions


Thanks for your interest, and your past support of our charity auctions! A new auction will be posted soon.
 Books and More from

These books, videos, and DVDs feature the work of Robert Duncan McNeill as an actor and director. Enjoy!

Featured Items:

The Twilight Zone (1985-1986)
Complete Season 1 DVD
featuring "A Message from Charity"

Star Trek: Enterprise
Complete Season 3 DVD
featuring "Twilight"

Desperate Housewives
Complete Season 2 DVD
featuring "Silly People"
and "My Heart Belongs to Daddy"
Continuing Items:

Star Trek: Voyager
Complete Season 1 DVD

Star Trek: Voyager
Complete Season 2 DVD

Star Trek: Voyager
The Complete Season 3 DVD

Star Trek: Voyager
Complete Season 4 DVD

Star Trek: Voyager
The Complete Season 5 DVD

Star Trek: Voyager
The Complete Season 6 DVD

Star Trek: Voyager
The Complete Season 7 DVD

Masters of the Universe DVD

Infested DVD

Star Trek: Enterprise Season One DVD
featuring "Cold Front"

Star Trek: Enterprise Season Two DVD
featuring "The Breach"

Dead Like Me
Complete Season 1 DVD

Dead Like Me
Complete Season 2 DVD

Men Before 10 a.m. Too

Star Trek: Voyager
Spirit Walk, Book Two
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Are you making other purchases from in addition to or instead of the items shown here? If you use this link or if you visit or by clicking on the Amazon logos above, you assure that a portion of your purchase, no matter what it is, benefits Robbie McNeill's designated charities. Thanks so much for your participation!

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